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Ultra-Soft Plus Incontinence Liners (Case)

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Soft cloth-like backsheet for increased comfort...
Part Number: ULTRASOFT

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Soft cloth-like backsheet for increased comfort and discretion. Adhesive patch keeps liner in place. Ultra absorbent core helps keep moisture away from the skin. Acquisition layer to quickly lock away fluid. Body-contoured design for comfort and fit. Wetness indicator displays when change is needed. Five absorbency levels, including bariatric option, to promote individualized care.ULTRASOFTNORM: Normal, 14 x 25.5 (36 x 65 cm) Yellow 96/cs, 24/bgUTLRASOFTPLUS: Plus, 14 x 25.5 (36 x 65 cm) Green 96/cs, 24/bgULTRASOFTEXTR: Extra, 14 x 25.5 (36 x 65 cm) Blue 72/cs, 18/bgULTRASOFTSUPR: Super, 14 x 25.5 (36 x 65 cm) Lilac 72/cs, 18/bgULTRASOFTBARI: Bariatric, 20.5 x 33 (52 x 84 cm) White 72/cs, 18/bg

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